How long are your sarissas?

Started by notmatthew, 13 May 2020, 06:01:53 PM

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I am using Pendraken phalangites from the old line for wars of the Hellenistic age.  My initial units were assembled with 30mm pikes provided by Leon.  Now I have a few units of magister pikes as I needed a more Eastern look.  Magister has 50mm pikes.

How long do you think the sarissa should be at 10mm scale for 350-150 BCE?  Pics if you have them!

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The sarissa was between 4m and 6m long. Assuming Pendraken figures are 1/150 scale that puts the scale length at 27mm - 40mm.
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Those 50mm pike guys are trying to compensate for something.


Over shorter periods and in a more limited geographical range, pikes have varied considerably. Given that Hellenes could seldom agree about anything, I'd say there was probably no right or wrong or exceptional or standard length.
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Certainly in later periods the pikemen cut down thier weapons
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Longer pike make handling and positioning on the table top rather tricky
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