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Started by Mr Brown, 22 June 2020, 11:31:02 AM

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Mr Brown

Good morning folks

As part of a wee project for the TTGUK blog, I decided it was time to finally get round to doing my Picts and Britons/Welsh for Dux Bellorum in 10mm. I had settled on 60x30mm basing and then it dawned on me that this would also work for a scaled back version of Warband. This ticked even more boxes. Game in a box? Yup. Affordable? Definitely. Multiple uses? Now yes!

Appreciate that the historic variant might still be a ways off so considering what would be a fitting list for these in the short term. Whilst it would be tempting to put them into the Barbarian bracket, I think I might actually lean towards Wood Elves? Maybe with a druidic feel?

Anyhoo, here's a couple of pictures of progress as I've got most of the cleaning done. Just need to finish the base prep for spraying. Decided to base everything first before painting. I may come to regret that decision but having prepped all my 10mm War of the Roses stuff on lollipop sticks, I haven't made progress in years as I end up trying to achieve similar results to my 28mm stuff. Hoping the basing first will force me to just focus on overall look than fretting over single 10mm figures.

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Moanimg Mr Brown....wat Will said !  :D
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Looking good....and welcome.  :-h

Cheers - Phil


Looking forward to seeing this progress, and welcome to the forum!

Mr Brown

Cheers. I've been a lurker for as long as I can remember but thought I should actually be more 'active'.

Hoping for some more time to work on this lot this evening to keep the momentum going. I'm really liking the 60x30 look and feel and already getting distracted by ideas for other warbands. Ah such is the life of a wargamer...

Steve J

Welcome on board and a good start on the DB armies :).

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Good looking start to the project. Aiming to paint units, not figures is key to getting on with 10mm!

You should be good to paint these on bases, I paint most of my WWII after its been based - as long as there is enough space  to get into all bits of the figure you should be good - and these look to be decently spaced out.
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Welcome Mr Brown :-h

Looking forward to seeing these progress
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Quote from: fred. on 22 June 2020, 07:16:38 PM
Aiming to paint units, not figures is key to getting on with 10mm!

This. Took me a while to figure that out.

And now I'm looking at a bunch of individually based 10mm figures . . .
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It's never occured to me that there's any other way!
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