A Flippant History of the Crusades

Started by mmcv, 07 June 2019, 03:09:48 PM

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Quote from: FierceKitty on 08 June 2019, 09:31:56 AM
Responsible historians also point out that most of the stories of the Children's Crusade stem from misreading the word pueri, which in classical Latin did mean children, but in medieval times was used disparagingly for social inferiors (like boy or girl in my own dear country in the unlamented days of the race Reich). Chroniclers were almost certainly refering to mass movement by the despised countryfolk, not to a Pied Piper phenomenon.

(next week: what's wrong with the Lady Godiva story)

I'll tell you what's wrong with the Lady Godiva story.
Lack of a film version starring Jenny Agutter / Anna Friel / Kate Beckinsale.


Great fun!

My interest in the crusades was recently re-kindled and your fun style helps the facts sink in.

Thanks! Looking forward to the continuance of the series.
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Thanks for the kind words. I got into the crusades almost by accident a few years back but have found them a wealth of interesting information and wargaming potential.

I've been enjoying playing games that coincide with the history where applicable so hope to keep that up for a bit. Next one will probably take us through (Spoiler Alert) the Siege of Antioch and the various attempts by the Muslims to relieve it, so definitely a good battle to be had there.

No promises on how long that will be though, I always seem to take longer between them than I intend. Pesky real life and other wargaming and hobby interests being what they are.