Reusing my first 10mm figures

Started by mmcv, 10 May 2020, 01:16:13 PM

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These were the first 10mm figures I painted. Billmen from MM. They moonlighted as crusader infantry but I was never happy with them as a full unit seemed a bit out of place in the period. I decided I needed another unit type to mix into my crusader infantry bases, you can see some of them in the too right, the aim will be to have five units each with a mix of infantry types on it.

Some of the billmen don't look too out if place for the period so decided to dog a few out of their bases and put them to work.

Need a fresh paint job, hopefully can just paint over what's there as don't greatly relish trying to strip them! If I do though, any quick and easy ways to strip minis? I'm guessing nail varnish remover, pure alcohol or some sort of paint stripper?

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Have them in a solution now, paint was on pretty thick so would lose a lot of detail reprinting and painting. Realised one of my recently painted figures had found its way into the mix too unfortunately... D'oh!


Halfway through cleaning, they're actually quite nice figures under those blobs of paint!