Plevna 1877

Started by Morty, 08 May 2020, 01:28:24 PM

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Planning a big game based on the battle/siege of Pevna in 1877. Some great inspiration in the two BBB scenarios in the European battles book. I am thinking I will play the whole siege as a map/ board game and game individual actions as they arise at battalion level. Need to give it all some thought and paint up more stuff. The pictures above are a trial game I had - an assault on a Turkish redoubt.

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Certainly does !  :-bd

Cheers - Phil

Chris Pringle

Very nice, Morty! I'm glad BBEB has provided some inspiration. The Siege of Plevna is epic and fascinating (and I had a memorable trip there too). Sounds like your project will keep you entertained for a while. Great stuff!



Wish these pictures were a bit larger!