Peninsular Napoleonics Not-Kickstarter!

Started by Leon, 01 May 2020, 01:11:47 AM

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I have not the pleasure of understanding you. Of what are you talking?


Number 3 is St Cecilia's church in Molló, Catalonia.
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Quote from: fred. on 21 June 2022, 08:12:20 AMThanks Leon. I had wondered if it was meant to be two separate pieces.

Just received mine this morning.  Having had a good look at it, it seem clear that the tower is a campanario, a separate bell tower not attached to the church.  Campanarios are common in Spain, and Italy where they are called campanili.  A separate bell-tower in other words, for which no modification is necessary. 

Altogether a really nice set of buildings, including a walled cemetery and lovely little windmill, which will make a perfect Spanish hill village I think.


My thanks to the providers of the guides and pics.  My "village in a box" also arrived this morning.  So now I have a masonry pile as well.  :D


Mine arrived too - they are really nice.  I am looking forward to using them for Peninsular War and Spanish Civil War.  One day the buildings may teleport to Italy to be fought over as well.



Good to hear that folks' packages are arriving.  It's been a hell of a long project but it's nice to have it done now! - Now home to almost 6000 products, including over 4200 products in 10mm, plus MDF bases, Vallejo paints, I-94 decals, Red Vectors MDF buildings, Raiden Miniatures, Militia Miniatures and much, much more!