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Started by sultanbev, 24 February 2020, 04:35:05 PM

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Getting muddled up trying to work out British AA factors, and realised it is the US M16 & UK Bofors that has the glitch.
Single 2cm Flak gun has AA: 1/40, A/P = 1/40, A/T = 1/30 which makes sense
Quad 2cm Flak38 has AA: 4/40, A/P = 4/40 A/T - 2/30
So far so good.

Then 37mm AA and 40mm Bofors have AA: 2/50 and 2/40 and 2/60 depending on make; A/P = 2/60 A/T = 2/50
so some discrepancies there. 2/60 sounds right to me for AA value.
twin .50" AAHMG M13 has AA: 2/50, A/P = 2/30 no A/T
Quad AA HMG M16/M17 has AA: 2/50, A/P =4/30 no A/T

So somehow the fifty cal is better range than a 20mm cannon. Don't think so

On page 162 for the Russian AA, all 37mm and 40mm have AA 2/40 whereas the 37mm AT gun in the line underneath has AA 2/60  :o
Obviously a typo, the AA value for the 37/40mm should be 2/60 on the line above.

Pg.83 for the US list Far East, you have AA values:
M15: 37mm & twin .50": 2/50
M16: Quad .50": 2/50
37mm AA, 40mm AA: 2/40
on page 84:
M13: twin .50": 2/30 (think thats correct)

British 40mm Bofors are listed as AA: 2/50 (cf the US one at 2/40)
Finnish 40mm Bofors are listed as AA: 2/60
Hungarian 40mm Bofors are listed as AA: 2/60
Polish 40mm Bofors are listed as 2/60
Romanian 40mm Bofors are listed as 2/60
Yugoslave 40mm Bofors are listed as 2/60
French 13.7mm AA should read 13.2mm(Pg114) and has AA: 1/25 but everyone else's 12.7mm and 13.2mm AAHMG have no AA value at all, being factored into HQ AA values
French 20mm AA: 1/50
French 25mm AA: 1/55
French 75mm AA guns have an AA value, whereas everyone else's heavy AA doesn't have a value
German 3.7cm Flak is 1/60 (pg117) no value on pg.121, 2/60 on pg124-25, 2/60 pg 128, pg.131 - on page 132 is has morphed into a 7.6cm Flak36 with no AA value
Japanese 20mm AA is 1/50
Japanese 25mm is 1/60
Russian 85mm AA has 3/80 AA value, when everyone else's heavy AA doesn't have a value
Russian 37mm AA is listed as 2/60 until page 162 when it drops to 2/40, alongside lend-lease 40mm Bofors
twin 25mm AA is 2/60
triple 25mm AA is 3/60

Now then, I'm trying to work out twin 20mm AA values, for the Crusader Mk2 AA (a common type missing from the list)
Originally I compared to 2cm flak30, two barrels is btween 1 barrel at 1/40 and 4 barrels at 4/40, so 2/40 looks right, but then knew it was btter range than a twin .50" cal, so was going to put 3/50. but then that makes it better than a Bofors gun. So thats no good.

Surely the fifty cal should be 2/30 for twin, 4/30 for quads.
And it looks like the US and British 40mm Bofors should be 2/60, not 2/40 or 2/50 respectively.

So what about the triple 20mm Polsten deployed in Normandy by 93rd LAA Regiment? 3/40 ?



I've noticed that these values are inconsistent over the book.  Thanks for putting the work in.  My only real addition is to query if multiple guns should scale linearly with the number of dice,