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Gunnar, Eldarondo, Sir Robin and Brother Christos were sitting in the Temple refectory, nursing their tankards of ale. Eduardo (the Magnificent) sat slightly apart, avidly reading a scroll.
"It's really time we moved on." Gunnar muttered. "These monks have had enough of us, I know I've had enough of them."
"Fine, but where can we go?" Eldarondo replied. "We're broke, we need money."
"We are broke because Eddie spent all our money on that scroll." Sir Robin pointed out, helpfully.
Eduardo looked up at the mention of his name.
"I can make you fly, fly like a bird!" he said happily.
"Let's face it, we need a job!" Christos announced, pointedly ignoring Eddie.
"You've been listening to the Ranger." Gunnar grumbled. "Anyway, where is he?"
Suddenly the door flew open and Sintamo rushed in. He rapidly crossed to the table and sat down, clutching a letter.
"Comrades," he announced "I've found us a job. Paid work!"

The first chapter in our new Sellswords and Spellslingers campaign is now on the blog

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Good to see the crew on a new adventure.

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The best bit was SJs face as Eddie tore through the group of cultists with his sword.  I pointed out that Eduardo had the best hit and kill rates.
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Thanks very much, gents.

We don't know how Eddie does it, he has no training with the sword but just seems to kill everything that gets into close combat. To be fair it tends to be lower level foes, he's trying to keep out of melees so doesn't go near any of the more powerful foes.
Now he has a magical sword we are wondering if that has anything to do with it?


Scanning the square before them, Sintamo murmured "Watch out, there's about 8 armed men hiding behind the stalls."
"Ten, actually" whispered Eldarondo in reply.
Sintamo looks at him and raises an eyebrow.
"Elf eyes!"
"Are you sure they're not just traders, setting up their stalls?" whispered Gunnar, "Like that woman over there."
Looking at where he was pointing, they could see the figure of a townswoman move down the street.
"Mind you she's walking a bit funny, is she drunk?"
"Not so much walking, as shambling." The elf pointed out.
"Yes..." Sintamo agreed " mean sort of, mindlessly wanting to eat your brains, shambling?"
"Yep, that's it!"

Our second game is up on the blog now!

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Awesome report, edge of their pants stuff.
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Excellent, Graham.  :-bd

Now.....start painting some of the figures that you bought off me !  ;)

Cheers - Phil.


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"We seem to be getting quite a name as demon hunters," said Sir Robin, returning to the table.

Christos perked up. "How's that?"

"Chap at the bar just said to the barman I was one of the maleficent adventurers who had been at the Rathaus. We're maleficient. Demons need to avoid these maleficent adventurers!"

Sintamo frowned. "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

"Of course it does," said Christos. "It's about demons. They know we take down demons. You got a demon problem, you send for us, no problem!"

"Speak for yersen, laddie," muttered Gunnar, rubbing the large bump on his head.

"The six maleficent hunters!"

The deep rumbling voice of the Sword came from Eduardo's mouth. "Ahem, what about me?

Robin rolled his eyes. "You are just a sword, you're not a real person."

"And yet you are talking with me. I am more than a mere lump of iron. I am forged from star-metal, imbued with mana, and have a spirit of martial skill entwined within me. Am I not keeping the wizard alive?"

"Are you sure that's you, and not just Eddie waving his arms about?"

Sintamo shrugged. "It's got a point. Or do you just want to admit you talk to weapons?" 

Eldarondo giggled. "You've heard him too? Frankly the Sword talking through Eddie is less creepy than Bravely Bold talking to his."

Robin deflated "Ok then. That would make us the Maleficient Seven."

"The Maleficient Seven?" mused Christos. "I like that, it's got a ring to it."

Eddie snapped out of the Sword-Trance as something made him shudder. "Anybody else feel that? Like this has happened somewhen else."

I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain why you are wrong.

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Great report, inspiring stuff. I've almost got all the monsters and heroes painted up for my first foray into the rules. Hopefully get an opportunity in the next few weeks. Any tips or suggestions to a first timer with the rules?


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Thanks everyone.

Techno: Already started, something familiar will be turning up in a later scenario in this campaign.

mmcv; Don't play the scenarios in sequence. Most people start off with Scenario 1 "Through the Badlands" but this is the hardest of the basic level scenarios, so you are better of playing a couple of the other basic ones first to build your skills up a little before you tackle that one.   :D