Prussian Artillery Limbers & Landwehr

Started by Bertie, 20 May 2020, 10:32:26 PM

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Can I request limbers and outriders for the Prussian Army. Whilst I understand they used mainly French and British limbers. the outriders seem to me a least to be a glaring omission. If this is not going to be possible, let me know and I will use Prussian cavalry. But please don't mention head swapping.

And whilst I am at it. Firing line figures for the Landwehr.


100% agree on Prussian Limbers.  I need about 40 and just patiently waiting.  I'm hoping for a 2021 Non-Kickstarter Kickerstarter of Napoleonic Smorgasbord.  All items like this that are need to fill gaps in current ranges.

John Cook

It is a strange omission.  There are no cavalry guns, as far as I can see, in the Austrian 1809 range either.

I'm not sure that the Prussians used that much foreign artillery equipment.  There are a few batteries with British kit in mid-1813.  Either British tubes on Prussian carriages, with double-bracket trails, or complete British pieces with block-trail carriages.  I don't know about limbers but Prussian equipment seems to predominate even then.  The Prussian-made limber was very similar to the Austrian, complete with a limber-mounted ammunition chest.

Rather than using Prussian cavalry have you thought about other teams with shakos?  The Wurttemberg team NWU13 have a limber that would fit the bill and you could just remove the plumes and file down the shako ornaments to look as if it had a cover.  Not much of a challenge.  It could be done during the clean-up process.  That is what I'd do.


I was promised wurst guns for Austria and Bavaria as part of the 1809 NKS

They like the French guard are taking an immeasurably long time to make their appearance though