Tuscany June 1944, South africans vs germans

Started by Werthor, 29 June 2019, 10:07:22 AM

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Hi, yesterday we had a first try of BCKIV at my local club (Gruppo Ludico Aglianese). To try the ruleset we used an "encounter" scenario, pitting 3000 pts of southafricans vs germans in late spring of 1944 in italy. There were 3 players for the SA, 2 for the germans.The SA choose a core force based around 6 shermans 76mm, a battallion of infantry all upgraded with PIAT, a whole self propelled artillery battallion and many supports (17pdr, M10s exc). The germans choose a core force of 3 MkIV and 3 panthers, sided by 3 pak40 a battallion of infantry (all upgraded with panzerfausts) and a few marders. The SA commander took the opportunity to have a flanking force made by 2 M10 and 2 stuarts and choose to deploy them as far as possible to try to get off guard the germans that had the benefit of a higher ground. This azardous choice didn't paid: the flanking force appeared on the rear of the german force just at the beginning of turn 4 when the game was almost won by the germans. The germans had already cut to pieces the shermans in the middle (and many of the tank riders) with a combination of At and tank fire, greatly helped by their edge in CV (9 vs 8 of the SA) wich enabled them to multiple activate their firing units. The SA artillery didn't performed well due to bad scatter dices: their most remarcable succes was to suppress with a barrage 2 german HQs but with no great consequences on the game balance.
It was a very enjoyable game perhaps with a bit too many points for a test game.

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Nice looking game but, as you say, rather too many points for a first run out. 1,000 pts or there abouts makes a nice, simple game, to get a handle on the mechanics.

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Hi, we lacked transports for all SA infantry, so we put some of them on the Shermans as tank riders. Not a wise choice....


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