Visibility and line of sight dense terrain

Started by cuttingedge, 29 April 2019, 11:41:23 AM

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What is the Visibility and line of sight in dense terrain such as urban areas/buildings and forests?
For example, in a built up area where I have to keep moving the buildings around on the buildings template to accommodate the unit bases, can all units see each other and the enemy within the urban area which maybe 20 x 20 cm. If the units cannot see each other or the enemy what is the range of line of sight?
What this comes down to effectively is: are the rules abstracted or literal? in that one has to try and put yourself in the position of the unit and what is may see or just everyone can see each other in the urban area as the unit represents a platoon and therefore is assumed to be all over the buildings? The latter is more practical at the smaller scales 6-10mm.

What is visibility for units at the edge of an urban area? Do they have to be touching the edge to see out or be seen? The same goes say in forests or even other dense terrain?

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It is in the rules - it's 5cm both within and on the edge unless firing, in which fully visible on the edge.

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