Vickers CS tanks in the Desert - confused

Started by Dr Dave, 25 April 2019, 01:27:08 PM

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Dr Dave

For the A9 AT attacks it says "0/40" and the AT for the A10 says "1/40". In the BEF lists it says that both have 0/40 AT attacks. Both tanks used the 3.7" gun.

Three questions:
1. In the notes it says they have no Armour piercing ammo - so the attacks in the lists are their HE rounds being used vs armour right?
2. Is the A10 1/40 AT attack in the desert an error and it should be 0/40?
3. "0" attacks (it's not a dash): so that means 0 at 40, but then +1 at 1/2 range, so 1 attack when within 20 - is that right?

Thanks in advance

Big Insect

Ah yes ... the old Vickers tank nightmare ... oh how this has driven me completely nuts.

I'll check - but if I remember correctly, although they both use the same gun one had no AT (or even HE) ammunition but can fire only Smoke, the other carried a very limited stock of HE and that has an AT effect (not great at it's max range) but was more effective at closer range - hence it gets the +1 under half range modifier.

0-40 is the range at which the Smoke can be fired. There is no HE ammo carried so no +1 for under half-range. This needs an error clarification note.

I will clarify .... might take me a day or 2 to reply as I had buried all my Vickers tank variant info in a very deep hole in the back garden and stamped on it, as I knew I'd be bound to get it wrong somewhere along the line  >:(  :'( :'( :'( :'(
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