Italy, Japan and a few other list nitpicks

Started by Prophaniti, 17 April 2019, 07:06:55 PM

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Sorry.  I can't help myself. :'(
I've not given the Russian or German lists the full nerd treatment yet, but here's a few more things I've spotted in the lists.  Most of the 'other' nations lists appear to be fine.

Italian Lists
p26/40 should not be in North Africa.  (I believe they barely made it into action in Italy and that only the Germans used them in anger, but I can cut us wargamers some slack there. ;) )
65mm cannon shooting stats appear to be copied from the 47mm AT gun, in all lists.

Recce: Type 92 Sokosha and Type 93 Sumida look like they should be 60 pts as Type 94 TK, not 80 pts. (Based on BKC2 points values and virtually identical stats.)
Type 1 chi he and Type 97 shinhoto chi ha vave the same points, but different hits. (This was my original errata claim to fame in BKC2.  The type 1 was increased by 5 pts for that.)
Type 92 Sokosha and Type 93 Sumida look like they should be 30 pts. (They still have the recce premium included in the armour section.)

Other things I've noticed:
Vickers light tankette, Query 'Amphibious' ability.  Appears in Chinese and Finnish lists
Chinese, Yugoslavian, Brit NWE (Dingo), German East front (Bicycles) have units with 'Recce' outside the recce section (allowing for Obs aircraft.) points seem OK.