Lists British Italy / German NWE: two minor issues

Started by mlr314159, 13 April 2019, 12:38:56 PM

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British Italy - missing

Air Superiority - note missing: assume same as Americans in Italy.

German NWE/EF

Panzer IV/70. I think should read:-
Panzer IV, Jagdpanzer/70. 
NWE Panzer IV, Jagdpanzer/70 Availability of 3(3) - were used as whole formations at times as per Eastern Front

Thanks. Mike


As to the British - good catch, I hadn't spotted that!

On the Germans:

PzIV/70 is the abbreviation I recognise and the one I see used most frequently, though I agree that, technically, it's a jagdpanzer.

On fielding formations of them. At the scale of engagements BKC mainly handles it would be overkill, IMHO. My understanding is that they were usually allocated to the anti-tank sections of Panzer and SS Panzer divisions. That said, there is nothing to stop you but the objections of your opponent!
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Panzer IV/70 yes availability in Europe should be as you stated.