All my Orcs

Started by Fenton, 27 May 2019, 09:53:18 PM

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Again apologies for the watermark
If I were creating Pendraken I wouldn't mess about with Romans and  Mongols  I would have started with Centurions , eight o'clock, Day One!

Duke Speedy of Leighton

You may refer to me as: Your Grace, Duke Speedy of Leighton.
2016 Pendraken Painting Competion Participation Prize  (Lucky Dip Catagory) Winner


Yep, what we have here is a lovely little greenskin infestation. 

You could call in the elves but then you'll never get rid of the pointy eared, snooty little gits.


I'd suggest some dwarvish exterminators but they'd only drink your cellars dry.

Nice looking army  :-bd


Those look excellent !  :-bd

Cheers - Phil