Krieg 1919, Alternative History WW1 miniatures

Started by Noktu, 30 December 2018, 08:42:29 PM

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Happy Holidays and New Year!

I got an idea from upcoming PC Strategy game Iron Harvest, to wield armies (Again within RISK ruleset of course) in an alternative timeline WW1.

Here I'd like to represent the Prussians. Very powerful faction with big guns, but lacking in the manpower. Next I'll pester Leon about tailoring an order with pieces for the next faction, Saxony!

(A few squadrons of infantry still in the workshop)


1 by Atte Von Kraut, on Flickr

Field Marshal Klaus von Hohenhoch and Oberleutnant Friedrich Baum

2 by Atte Von Kraut, on Flickr

3 by Atte Von Kraut, on Flickr

Prussian Volksgrenadiers

4 by Atte Von Kraut, on Flickr

Prussian Field Cannons

5 by Atte Von Kraut, on Flickr

Prussian PanzerKampfRoboten pkr1.3

6 by Atte Von Kraut, on Flickr

Prussian Scouts

7 by Atte Von Kraut, on Flickr

Prussian Munition Trucks

8 by Atte Von Kraut, on Flickr

And a few random shots

9 by Atte Von Kraut, on Flickr

10 by Atte Von Kraut, on Flickr

11 by Atte Von Kraut, on Flickr


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The game looks brilliant  - your figures capture it perfectly- well done

Steve J

Brilliant, simply brilliant 8). I love the horses next to the dismounted riders, which is a nice touch.


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 :-bd all great, the scouts especially have some nice character



Really like the horse having a nibble at the grass. Would be fascinated to know what went wrong in 1870, such that Saxony is still independent in 1919.
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Thank you guys for taking the time to comment and check out my topic. Much appreciated, and motivates me to assemble and paint more!

I'd like to ask if anyone would have any idea for where to get 10mm or similiar scale sized mechanical walking robots? Anything scifi really that could fit that steampunky WW1 feel that those walking tanks from Pendraken really capture.


VERY nicely done!!! Love weird War, and just got the final figs needed to complete my British army. Hope to be able to get to them soon because seeing yours is a nice inspiration!

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Fantastic stuff.   The infantry and basing in particular are excellent.

I must admit that I found the Iron Harvest imagery inspirational (especially
the paintings by Jakub Rozalski) but had no idea how to make the mechs.

I would be interested to hear what bits you used and will be following this
thread to see what ideas I can nick !


Glorfindel the way, any chance of a quick run through on your basing technique ?

Really looks effective.