Troops firing MGs from Halftracks & Loose MGs

Started by Mako, 04 January 2022, 01:15:56 AM

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04 January 2022, 01:15:56 AM Last Edit: 04 January 2022, 01:18:38 AM by Mako
I think we could also use some troops firing MGs from halftracks too, e.g. German, American, and British.

Might make sense to have the troop figures actually attached to the MGs, so they can be dropped right in to existing vehicles, to represent troops firing from the front, or rear of the open compartments of the vehicles.

Separate MGs would be useful too, for adding to vehicles as needed, and/or for scattering about on troop bases and dioramas, e.g. .30 and .50 cal MGs, Vickers MG, MG34s and MG42s, Soviet MGs, etc..

While we're at it on the separate weapons, how about Bazookas, Piats, Panzerfausts, Panzerscrhrecks, Teller Mines, American Daisy-Chain Mines, Multi-Head Grenades, and other similar stuff too?

That way, we can customize, or modify other figs too.

Heedless Horseman

04 January 2022, 05:04:52 AM #1 Last Edit: 04 January 2022, 05:20:43 AM by Heedless Horseman
Hmm.. .remember... only Germans might, 'sometimes', 'Assault' in a 251... Brits / US would 'De Bus' and go in as infantry. And Germans would stay under cover for as long as possible!

I like the idea of 'drop in' 'Blocks' of troops, but the new 'seated' poses would 'do the Biz' with some 'Tailoring' for vehicle.

Figs firing Vehicle mounted MGs would be nice... but not really a commercial proposition. Convert. :)

In 10mm Metal, small items such as weaponry or tools... is a very difficult moulding  to do. Some 'Printer' Sources are begining to supply weaponry in plastic... as processes and materials ' evolve'.
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