Morris CD/SW 30 cwt 6x4 tractor

Started by Sunray, 25 September 2021, 12:39:28 PM

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I have fond memories of my Airfix Morris & Bofors in 1/76.  Would be a must for BEF and 8th Army. Even VBVW.

In addition to Bofors it was used for  18/25 pdr.

Any votes apart from my own?

Lord Kermit of Birkenhead

May as well. Also used in NWE. Thought most 18/25's were lugged arround by Dragoons - Mk III's ?
Lord Kermit of Birkenhead
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John Cook

The CDSW Lt AA tractor (LAA) and the CDSW Fd Arty Tractor (FAT) are two different vehicles on the same chassis. 

I tried to work out the distribution of tractors with the Field Regiments RA in 1940 for a BEF 1940 project some time ago. 

Where I was able to identify which tractor equipped a particular unit, and there weren't enough to be definitive by any stretch of the imagination, the pattern that emerged seemed to be like this.

On the whole, the Regular Army Fd Regts equipped with the 18/25pdr MkI in 1940 seemed to have had Light Dragon MkIII tractors while mixed batteries of 18pdr MkIIPA and 4.5" Mk1PA howitzer seemed to have had Quads. 

The Territorial batteries equipped with the 18/25pdr MkI seemed to have Morris CDSW FATs while those equipped with 18pdr MkIIPA had Quads.

If anybody has additional information on artillery tractors in Fd Regts RA in 1940 it would be most welcome.


From a Pendraken sales perspective which variant would be the most popular?

How often does one move a battery of Bofors on a 10mm game table?

Mind you, there are records in early desert war that Bofors 40mm engaged light Italian and German armour.



With just 2 votes, it looks like the Morris CDSW is not going into a mould anytime soon.  :-