BKC2 query (prior to release of BKC4)

Started by AJ at the Bank, 04 November 2018, 09:31:54 AM

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Because the points values for Cold War Commander are very high for later mbts, I switched to percentage of unitss for CWC and BKC.  The normal percentage is 50%.  For flexible I use 40% and for ridged I use 60%.


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I think it is Dutch for 'Start' or 'Begin'.

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Well what about Gary's Bits then?  Are they naughty or nice?


In this place, "loftier thoughts" means dreaming of converting the attic to a wargames room.
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In this place, "loftier thoughts" means dreaming of converting the attic to a wargames room.

I converted the loft into two rooms for the kids (yes the bedroom that became vacant is bigger than the ones in the loft  ;D ;D ;D ;D )

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Thank you to those who replied in answer to my original questions - very helpful.

Personally then - I like the following solutions :-
(1) Allow a unit entering a trench/pit to end their move in the trench/pit..no need to stop at the edge before entering. Working on the same principle as troops entering Area Terrain - taking the available cover.

(2) Tactical Doctrine - impact on Breakpoint : Point adjustment per 1000 points or part thereof. E.g. 1-1000 = 1 : 1001-2000 = 2 : 2001-3000 = 3 etc.    Simple but importantly different to the Army List Unit Limits.

Thanks again.

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