10mm 30 Years War at Tring Games Day

Started by sunjester, 13 October 2018, 10:32:05 PM

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We had three games running at the TWC Games Day on Saturday. I was playing with Chris and Colin in a 30 Years War game, using Warlord's Pike and Shot rules, with Chris' superb 10mm Swedish and Imperialist armies. We managed 3 games, swapping sides each time, with 2 wins to the Swedes and 1 to the Imperialists.

Pictures on the blog https://tringwargames.blogspot.com/2018/10/10mm-30-years-war-pike-and-shot.html

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Steve J

A lovely looking game and great to see some left field early war action for once :)


A very nice setup you have there

Take care

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