Tabletop Gaming Live, London - 29th/30th September

Started by Leon, 17 September 2018, 01:47:14 PM

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It's a quick turnaround for our next show as we head down the M1 to Alexandra Palace in London for a brand new event, Tabletop Gaming Live!  This one is a mix of wargames, board games and RPG's, so should be an interesting show for us.  We'll need any pre-orders sending through by midnight on Friday 21st September please!

More info on the event can be found here: - Now home to over 7000 products, including 4500 items for 10mm wargaming, plus MDF bases, Battlescale buildings, I-94 decals, Litko Gaming Aids, Militia Miniatures, Raiden Miniatures 1/285th aircraft, Red Vectors MDF products, Vallejo paints and much, much more!


Why "Live"?

What's the alternative?

"The Walking Tabletop Gaming"? "Fear the Walking Tabletop Gaming"? "Night of the Tabletop Gaming"?

"Dracula Tabletop Games!"?

Sorry. I'm tired and grumpy.
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I'd seen this elsewhere and had thought of attending, but I'll be in Herefordshire this weekend!
I'd be really interested in your thoughts on the show Leon.