2 games for The Men Who Would Be Kings League...and more

Started by sunjester, 02 June 2018, 11:08:12 AM

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We had two games in the club TMWWBK league playing the the club last night, as we enter the 4th round. We are playing our way through the scenarios in the book, so there will be 8 rounds for the 8 scenarios. We are playing the games at the skirmish level, ie half sized forces. I decided to go this route as most of the people who wanted to play the league could field armies this size from they existing collections. It also meant that those who wanted to build a new force for the league could do so quite quickly.

We had a couple of interesting mash-ups last night. On one table my Herero tribesmen faced Jon's Colonial Belgians, while on the other table Mark's Colonial British faced Colin's Warlord Era Chinese! More on the club blog http://tringwargames.blogspot.com/2018/06/the-men-who-would-be-kings-leagueand.html

Steve J

A nice summary of the two games played. You raise an interesting point about skirmish scenarios in TMWWBKs and generally. From my experience from Mordheim onward, some scenarios work, some simply do not. With experience we used to ignore a couple of the Mordheim ones as they were too one-sided. This has been true of other rulesets and periods.

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That looked good. Funnily enough there was a TMWWBK game going on at our club - those Zulu chaps were causing mayhem again.
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Damn fine show, that man !!

The horses look a bit waffy, tho'.  ;) ;) ;).....(Oh....alright.....Those camels really look rather splendid.)

Cheers - Phil


Looks good!

Scenario imbalances - any option to play two games and swap ends? Depends on game length and available playing time, I guess.
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Quote from: Techno on 02 June 2018, 02:09:24 PM
Damn fine show, that man !!

The horses look a bit waffy, tho'.  ;) ;) ;).....(Oh....alright.....Those camels really look rather splendid.)

Cheers - Phil

Thanks for the compliment.  The "other thing" will be finished probably two weeks time . Sunjester and a couple of others are going to Normandy (again) Tommorow
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