Mexican Revolution

Started by fsn, 29 July 2017, 09:29:45 PM

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I'd like to see some Mexican Revolution figures / Mexican Punitive Expedition  (1910-1920).

Perhaps with a young Patton?

Or the Bearcats?
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This blog has looked into doing it in 10mm

For the Villistas you need an awful lot of cavalry as they tended to charge into close range mounted and only occasionally dismounted 

Personally I'd want to do it in 15mm as I already have buildings and terrain in that scale for Mexico


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It's a really fun period to play up until about 1915 when the Mexican government started using trench warfare tactics they learned from German advisers.  Battles were really lopsided after that.  I play in 28mm.  Most of my troops are dismounted and usually play night battles since Pancho Villa also favored night attacks in addition to the cavalry charges Shedman mentions.


That officer appears to be having a bad day  :(
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Seems very sporting - they give you a pistol to defend yourself with when you're facing a firing squad.
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That officer appears to be having a bad day  :(

He obviously needs a pixie caramel ..........

Its an iconic NZ ad from around 1980   ;)
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I know it's not 10mm but Shellhole Scenics has a large range in 20mm including the US Punitive expedition.



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Peter Pig are now doing Mexican Revolution in 15mm. Just saying. Would still prefer 10mm.

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I keep looking at the Pig range, good thing I'm skint!
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I keep looking at the Pig range, good thing I'm skint!

With new packs being added almost weekly it's propably worth waiting until you have sufficent funds for a big purchase.

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