New Eastern Front buildings released!

Started by Leon, 02 March 2017, 12:08:59 AM

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12 August 2017, 06:56:28 PM #15 Last Edit: 12 August 2017, 06:59:50 PM by RoyWilliamson
The house's (main window's) glazing pane sizes are possibly incorrect for the type of buildings if used for the ACW, being the window panes are too long in length and few in number and more suited to C20th. At least I think so, but I'm no expert.

North American house roofing for the ACW / Old West period is normally depicted with the boarding running in a horizontal direction, as opposed the vertical of these examples. Or shown with shingle roofing, or tar boarded.

But I'm no expert.

And I'd happily use these for ACW.

Oh, and think these are brilliant and some of the best buildings Pendraken sell!