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Started by G-wiz, 05 July 2017, 02:59:06 PM

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Hi guys, some might remember my previous dungeon project "15mm Dungeons" where I made some 2.5d dungeons for 10/15mm miniatures. Well, I revisited the project and redesigned parts to create a better (in my opinion) dungeons. Namely, creating full size dungeon walls which I think look a little better.

The doors are just an "L" shaped piece which can be propped up against any section of wall.

I created different patterns for the floor for a bit of variety, which can be painted any colour you fancy.

Here is a pic of the main dungeon with what I have spare added to it.

This is the main part of the dungeon which is designed to fit into a spare wooden box my wife kindly gave me.

I've can make corridor sections out of the existing parts, just never got round to making them yet.

I'm thinking of changing the hinged lid of the box so it folds flat which I can then add another level to the dungeon.

I've got 10mm minis in there at the minute which seem to fit pretty well and I think I could get away with 15mm if I needed to.

Let me know what you think. Any ways to improve it? I'm already thinking of making a cavern set, round rooms, angled corridors.


Really impressive.  :-bd

Cheers - Phil



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Nice bit of dungeon, that is.


Very nice indeed

Take care

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Very tasty, and I love the portable aspect!
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