Which army list for my Chaos?

Started by Hobilar, 11 May 2017, 03:57:15 AM

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Hello People  :)

I'm reading through the rules and I'm making some starter armies from my Warmaster collection.
The High Elf and Orcs & Goblins are pretty straightforward, but I'm not sure which army list to use for my Chaos army.

Any suggestions?



Erm....Any suggestions Guys ?

But anyway.....Welcome to the forum, Hobilar.

Cheers - Phil


I've just had a scan through the standard lists, and I'm not seeing a direct fit.

Chaos, is lots of heavy infantry, heavy cavalry, some monsters, very little shooting. Which dosen't really fit any of the WB armies. I think all the unit types you need are there, so it may be a case of pulling together a list from the units in other armies, then seeing what people think. Picking the right Mage will probably be quite tricky.
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Welcome to the forum Hobilar.

Doen't matter which army I use, they all end up as Chaos.

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Dragon men, if you look carefully. Take men-at-arms and foot knights.
Demons, no clue!
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Gargoyles for Demons ?

Cheers - Phil

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You may refer to me as: Lord Speedy of Leighton.
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Dragon Men seem best for the Chaos Warriors/ Chaos Knights.

Barbarians for Chaos Marauders.

There are Ogres in the Warband Monster section.

No Trolls that I remember in Pendraken's ranges (except the Frost Troll which is more Yeti than Troll) but I've seen the old Rockman from the Dungeon Monsters painted in greens and greys serve as a very beefy troll.

Icarusi from the Barbarian range as Harpies. The old Gargoyle, if it's still available, could also serve as a substitute Harpy. Also there are the Elder Things and Kraken Beasts in the Dungeon Monster section if you want something very different!

No Dragon Ogres - would the Armoured Centaurs from the Minotaur range do instead?

Not sure if the old Venus Flytrap model is still around, if so it would serve as an interesting Chaos Spawn.

Best I can think of for Chaos Hounds are the old Chaos Centaurs.

For Chariots I think the Achaemenid Persian Scythed Chariot re-crewed with a Barbarian driver is the best I can come up with.

That help any? 
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I believe the OP was asking which Warband army list he could use his existing GW/Warmaster Chaos figures for, not which Pendraken figures are good for Chaos.

Cheers, Martyn
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Oops! So he was!  :-[

Well, I guess that's a clue as to which rule set I prefer :)
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Abandoning the allies and mercenaries restrictions looks like the way to go, and using a base of Dragonmen and Barbarians for warriors & marauders will probably work.  The rest, can most likely be gathered together from monsters in other lists.  

You could probably assemble a spell list by picking and choosing from those available too (with a bit of renaming).


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Yes, looks like using a Dragonmen base and picking odds and ends from other lists might be the way to go.

I'll use my High Elves vs Orcs & Goblins to get a feel for the system first.

Thanks guys!