Warband Historical - how far off?

Started by Nosher, 14 December 2016, 06:17:53 PM

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Quote from: Chieftain on 13 March 2017, 06:04:38 PM
Hi Matt, what basing would you prefer, 100x50mm (as for Warband Fantasy), or 80x40mm (to fit in with the dominant DBx basing conventions)?

That's a tough call.  I'm trying to base in a way that looks good, is easy to store, is moderately figure efficient, and will allow for a wide variety of games from Hail Caesar, to Kings of War Historical, to Warband.  It would be nice enough if I could also play Warmaster, but I have met zero warmaster players in the past 5 years so that's not exactly a priority.

I have done a few units so far from my napoleonics and opted for 40x20.  I really love how they look all packed together, but I have found that 24 models in two or three ranks looks pretty stellar on a 80x40 base (and would look passable on a 100x50 as well). 

If this game set required 100x50 I would most likely mount everything on 40x40's and put two 40x40's of 10-12 models each into a warband sabot.

I was recently looking at the Austrians posted in this forum for C&C and I was thinking of the same look but cutting down the models per rank to fit the planned dimensions. 

This basing style also makes room for a dice holder for every 40x40 element which is essential for games like Warband (as far as I can tell...I don't have the rules), KoW, and C&C.


To clarify on storage:
It's my impression that 40x20 basing requires foam or magnets to be safe whereas the 40x40 or larger are safe enough to just lie flat in a box for a car ride.


Quote from: notmatthew on 14 March 2017, 07:49:47 PM
(...) to just lie flat in a box for a car ride.

You didn't see me driving !   ;D


I would love to see "Warband Historical" (or whatever it might end up being called) become reality but I wonder whether the recent difficulties with BKC3 might make publishing any other Pendraken rules less likely? I hope not.