High Elves vs Goblins - Attack the Camp

Started by Lord Speedy of Leighton, 22 April 2017, 07:59:23 AM

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Lord Speedy of Leighton

22 April 2017, 07:59:23 AM Last Edit: 22 April 2017, 09:00:11 AM by mad lemmey
Thursday's game:
MY goblins: Chieftain +1 with fierce. Shamen +1, two fierce warriors, 2 archers, 2 wolf riders (one with hero, Stumpy Jason), trolls, spiders
John's Elves General +2 (Perivail the Inert) Mage +2, two spears, 2 bows with powerful, guards with powerful, knights with hero, water elemental.
John was defending, and set up around the camp.

My plan was simple (Coz Goblins need simple), distract with the wolf riders around the back, clear a path with archers, send in the spiders and trolls to break through a weak spot.

The wolf riders miscalculated the Elves ability to react, and suffered the ignominy of an early bath from the soap elemental!

The elf Mage was able to use their really useful movement spell to get the Elves in line, Drat!
The elven knights realised they had deployed in the wrong spot and went troll hunting, but got sandwiched by the trolls and spiders, they bounced the trolls, but were not able to react to  the spiders who held them in their place while the trolls charged back in.
As the knights broke the split fees pounced n elven archers who thought they had a secure flank from the wood, while the trolls hit the elven Mage!

However, my archers found a target, the elf general, the poured turn after turn of fire into him, eventually breaking him!

The water elemental flowed over to the goblin warriors, which resulted in turn after turn of ineffective fighting from both sides, mo5 and regenerate with fear is tough to beat!

The main action, the spiders and the trolls were both dealing out damage (fear vs 1d6 attacks is brilliant) the trolls bounced the Mage then a unit of archer, then the Mage again, then the archers again, but never had quite enough to kill them! Dash that elven protection spell!

And paradoxically so near but so far! Big Jason broke, the elven Mage put 5 fireballs into the trolls, who then squashed him before running away, and despite a valiant effort by the goblin archers, the army disintegration happened!

Pyrrhic win for John, he had lost his knight, his Mage and his General when I collapsed.
Great game, tough scenario with Elves defending.
The Elves were saved by the early influence with his really useful movement spell, and then lots of protection spells.
John professed that he missed his ent, the defensive power of the water elemental was brilliant for holding up my warriors, but didn't have the killing power he enjoys
The elven knights and goblin wolf riders were both hopeless! ;)
The trolls and spiders were brilliant and between the two of them almost worked!
Big Jason got swamped, saving the spiders from a flank charge. But not before my archers picked off Perivale the Inert with shooting!
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Looked like a fun game with some difficult challenges for both forces. 

Fear can certainly shut down poor troops (who'll then need their general or magic user to help out).  Best use your own fear causing troops to take them on!


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Not sure how I missed this, but that's one sweet looking game.  Glad to see some o' them uppitty pointy 'ers got a good whollopin'.


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