Modelling the Antonov 12 (Cub) for wargaming

Started by Sunray, 10 January 2020, 02:14:41 PM

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Yes, the big Soviet bird deployed on the table - either unloading on the deck or dropping kit at levels that are way outside Health & Safety!

Now.  I want to depict the hull cargo doors open.  Any images out there ? An existing model perhaps?  From the hazy image of an ASU-85 unloading it looks like the rear panel folds inwards and a small ramp projects ?? 


Found these:
Have a look at 5:00 onwards;  the doors open inward, but this clip doesn't show the ramp, so it 's probably an internal one?


This page has a lot of info, including pictures. Google translate is your friend here.Ан-12#/Применение;
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Many thanks for these links.

Ramps appear to be portable type when vehicles are carried.

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