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Started by skywalker, 14 March 2017, 03:53:30 PM

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A strange question but do you any of you magnificent gamers out there have any idea if there are any rules that can be used to play a game based on that most amazing BBC show Allo Allo?
My club, Redcar Ironbeards are toying with the idea of doing a participation game based on Allo Allo................just for something different.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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It might be easier to look for something based upon Dad's Army and then adapt to suit also Black Ops by Osprey might have some helpful mechanics

Lord Kermit of Birkenhead

You might want to look at an RPG, the show would be character driven.

Good Moaning.

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What kind of game are You looking for?

Could be anything. From " sneak the british airmen past the patrols",  " break into the château and steal the fallen Madonna" to "make rene escape in grubers little tank"

I think we need some more intel before recommending rules.  :D


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RPG rules seem the way to go to me. If it's true to the series, it's going to be a game of stealth, disguise, persuasion, intimidation and dreadful accents :)

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You might look at "Savage Worlds".  It's an RPG (as some above have suggested) but has some straight-forward miniatures rules.  It's time generic enough that I've seen it adapted to lots of genres of gaming.  Plenty of stats and skills to make each character generic, but keep the "extras" (mob like figures) basic and manageable.  Plus the main rule book was only $10 last time I looked at it.  PDF might be cheaper.

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Pick a random character.
Go for everyone picks a random mission (can lead to carnage, like Germans having to escort the British Airmen home).
Then each character card has a secondary objective (chat up Reneé) that have no relevance but click up victory points.
They have to collect three random equipment cards (limp celery, knotted sheet, hidden radio), offer points for using them in the most constructive/destructive way possible.
Have a 'I shall zis only wance!' Card (that can ruin another players plan, must be read in a bad accent) such as 'random frisk (ohlala) player frisked must hand over all items.
Have no actual obvious scoring system (like QI)
After so many turns, declare the 'fallen madonna with ze big boobies' has been found, and much like the snitch in Quiddich, the player who has it at the end of the game wins!

Or not!
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There is an inactive yahoo group which has rules Can't really remember much about them but pretty sure it was 28mm skirmish/RPG. See if you can get the rules, if not I probably have them lurking on an archive somewhere.





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Found them. From the intro:-

"To play Allo Allo each player must first select a faction:
1 Von Strohm's Germans
2 Von Klinkerhoffens Germans
3 Herr Flicks Gestapo
4 Rene Artois and his tangled lovelife
5 Michelle Dubois, the Gaulist resistance
6 Denise Laroque, the Communist resistance
It is best if all six factions are played, as any less will unbalance the game. If you do not have enough players then eliminate both Denise and Von Klinkerhoffen factions from the game. If you haven't got four players, best play something else as it's not going to work! The first thing to realise about this game is that nobody gets shot, and nobody dies, and nobody playing should take it at all seriously. Anyone accused of taking the game seriously must be put to a  vote, and if found unanimously guilty, must buy the next round of drinks or pies or chips. Each faction consists of a "Player", one or more "Extras" and a few "Bit part players". All of whom have different abilities and uses. There are now enough figures in different 28mm manufacturers ranges to give most player
characters, extras and bit-parters a good passing resemblance on the tabletop. 28mm scale figures we used came mainly from Artizan, with a few Bolt Action, Crusader, Brigade Games, Pulp Figures, Westwind, Amazon, and quite a few conversions."

"Turn phases
1 Each new turn all of the factions roll for initiative. Highest will go first, lowest last. Ties will be rerolled until an order for that turn is set.
2 First player may move none, some or all of his figures, individually or in groups to a number of pre-stated destination locations.
3 Each group or single figure moving checks for interactions with other players figures that they may meet on the proposed route.
4 Any interactions are worked out.
5 After all interactions have been adjudicated, phasing player may carry out any searches of the locations for hidden items, using suspicion rolls.
6 Player draws another turn-up card.
Note: Any player may play a turn-up card at any point in the process above.
7 Next players phase – repeat above."




You might want to check out 'Crooked Dice Studios' various miniatures games. They used to do the older Doctor Who Miniatures Game, before Warlord got the license, they use the same rules for various games based on (officially ficticious but remarkably familiar...) 70's TV shows, Gerry Anderson style TV, harryhaussen movies, etc. Very character-oriented cinematic rules.


Thanks for all the advice I will check them out.
We did put on a Dads Army game at a couple of shows last year using home written rules and I never thought of adapting them..........doh :D :D :D


The 7TV rules as mentioned above would probably work, (The original Dr Who Miniatures game has been taken down now, but I'm sure copies of the free rules are still kicking about) 

Also perhaps an adaptation of one of the many Victoriana steampunk type settings (In her Majesties Name, Gaslight etc) are all character driven enough that they'd work quite well. IHMN did a Halloween Dad's army scenario, it's on their blog.


Quote from: Genom on 15 March 2017, 06:49:51 PM
The 7TV rules as mentioned above would probably work, (The original Dr Who Miniatures game has been taken down now, but I'm sure copies of the free rules are still kicking about) 
That's the Crooked Dice rules! Could not remember the name... Thanks.


Quote from: Genom on 15 March 2017, 06:49:51 PM
(The original Dr Who Miniatures game has been taken down now, but I'm sure copies of the free rules are still kicking about)

The Wayback Machine is your friend - link.

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