Phoenix. Penrith, Cumbria June 23rd

Started by owaincaesarius, 08 June 2016, 09:51:36 PM

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Cumbria's first wargames show ever- underground venue (literally), flash surroundings, free parking and shopping for the non-wargamers together with good food and a cinema.

Great transport links right next to the M6.

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Cracking stuff, I like the idea of the con in the underground :D
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I have spotted that it is actually on Saturday 25th June and would love to come it being only about an hour away but have to work! :(
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I'm in Carlisle so I'll be there for sure.  :)


Well the show was yesterday and all went well, the venue proved as good as expected we had some cracking games with  a decent turnout of traders and visitors. Plans are to run again next year. I'll keep you all informed.

Pics to follow but keep an eye open for info on next years


I was at the show on Saturday with a chum.

One hour and 40 minutes of driving down from Edinburgh made it easy to attend.

Got a box of figures, some terrain pieces, some paint and some Soft Tone.

Nice to meet some other Scots lads while we were there as well as a few Englanders.

Will probably come again next year.
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Here's a blog link if anyone's interested

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