Started by mart678, 11 June 2016, 04:03:14 PM

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Hi Everyone

A bergpanther not for the faint hearted it will have up to 11 separate parts :d :d :d

Duke Speedy of Leighton

Lawks! Amazing Mart!
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Well, I'm sure I can get up to 10 together.

Useful addition for my Panther troops. 
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Very nice, Mart......

(Someone tell me what all the extra 'bits' were for.  :-\)

Cheers - Mr Thicky



Nice Mart, you have been busy!

The various bits are winches and pulleys. The spade thing at the back is to help anchor it when it is winching heavy stuff, like Panthers.

Not sure what the extra wooden box bit is off to the side, may be a second option for the wooden planked crew area.
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Steve J


Oh, I see. Thought this would be some sort of Panther-man for Frostgrave.
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I did two top compartments so you can have it fully boarded over or some removed and winches visible the very large block down one side is a beam for pushing tanks place on front using the two prongs the pintel mount on the front on a few had a 20mm but was for the crane