Re: Loads of new Dugouts released!

Started by DHautpol, 17 September 2018, 10:07:33 AM

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I posted this yesterday on the 2017 'New Releases' page; I now realise that I should have posted it on a more up-to-date page where it is more likely to be seen.

"Now that my LoA project approaches its planned conclusion (15 battalions and 10 cavalry regiments for each side - although ghost expansion plans exist already), my thoughts are turning to terrain.

I'm planning on using items from the Total Battle Miniatures and TimeCast ranges for towns and villages and Pendraken's range of field emplacements.  I was able to examine some of the Pendraken items at COLOURS yesterday and they are really very nice.  However, whilst the emplacements with logs and planks are very useable, LoA screams out for gabions and I was wondering whether there was any encouraging news about 'gabion emplacements' for the near future.

As an aside I noted the photos posted last year of the two and three gun emplacements which look to be of the same high standard and I can see a couple of the three gun versions being pressed into service as redoubts."
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We are indeed working on gabions, I'll get an update from John and see where they are in the queue.  I'd like to have them by the end of the year but it may just creep into 2019 with the shows and Xmas getting in the way!

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Alternatively, make your own emplacements with Milliput and EC25 - Gabions? (both supplied by Pendraken).
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