Indego Chaos Warriors?

Started by G-wiz, 28 January 2016, 07:11:45 PM

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Did anything come of the indego chaos warrior kickstarter project? Was is completed and are the figures available for sale? I'm after some chaos warriors (10mm) and these look perfect.


It was certainly completed I got various packs and thought they were great.

Not sure if they are available or not though.
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That project was done by one of our members, barbarian, so you could always pop him a message?

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I'm low on stock.
I took orders in private but didn't set any store.
I'll be in the us for more than 2 months soon so I won't be able to send any packages.
I may have to discuss with Léon to find a agreement.
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It would nice if Pendraken could stock/sell them. I wouldn't mind a few extra of the light infantry figures.  :)