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Started by Leon, 26 September 2015, 10:46:42 PM

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Welcome to the Pendraken Miniatures September newsletter!

The second half of the show season is in full swing,  but we've still found time to get some more goodies released!

Latest Releases!

The run of new releases has continued with another 25 new codes added to the catalogue!  This month we've seen:

> Waterloo British (Part 2) - With the addition of the artillery, limbers and personalities, this range is now complete and we can move onto some of the other nations over the coming months.

> Nap French generals - We couldn't have the French wandering aimlessly around the table without Boney to keep them in check, so we've also released the French personalities.  

> WWI extension - And bringing up the rear we've added a bunch of requested WWI items, with Belgian lancers, Highlanders in glengarry and a variety of casualty markers as well.

In The Pipeline!

For the first time in a long time, there's not a lot to report on this front!  With Techno working on the Warband expansion and the vehicle guys working on some longer term projects, we've not had any new masters arriving at Pendraken HQ in recent weeks.  We are constantly working on getting more moulds done though, so we should have the Napoleonic Nassau troops ready in the next few weeks, then the new Roman / Gauls before the end of October.  We've also got a bit of a surprise range expansion coming in the next fortnight that's not been previewed anywhere as yet, so keep an eye out for that!  1513 anyone...

We are also looking ahead to future ranges at the moment, in particular WWII Polish.  To this end, we've put up a master list on the Forum where we'd like your input on what else you'd like to see included.  Head over and add your feedback here.


With Border Reiver and Colours behind us, we've got another four outings to go this year, so we hope to see a lot of you on the road somewhere.  Next up is the World Wargames event, taking place at Castle Donington Exhibition Centre on the 3rd/4th October.  There's not much time left for pre-orders for this one, but we've extended the deadline to midnight on Sunday 27th to give people a little extra time.

After Derby/Donington our next outing will be a slightly more local affair as we make the short trip down to the Royal Armouries in Leeds for the Fiasco show.  Pre-orders for this one need to be with us by Sun 18th please.

And finally, some very important news for any of our customers attending the Crisis show at the beginning of November.  As you may already be aware, we were unfortunately unable to attend Crisis this year due to the costs/sales involved, which was a real shame.  However the good news is that our friend Ian at Eagle Figures has agreed to take any pre-orders across for us, ready for folks to collect at the show!  

As with any other show, we'll need your pre-orders into us at least 7 days before the event, so before Sat 31st October please.  We'll get them cast up, pass them to Ian, and they'll be ready to collect from the Eagle Figures stand at Crisis!  One quick note, all orders will need to be paid for in advance please, just to keep everything nice and easy for everyone.


We're getting closer and closer to our own Battleground show now, so we're constantly updating the website and our Facebook page with all of the latest trader news and games updates.  We've got a lot planned for this year, some of it yet to be announced, so make sure to keep checking the website or follow our Facebook page.

Warband Demo Games!

The author of the Warband rules, Steve Hardy, has very kindly agreed to attend some of the shows and put on demonstration games for people to have a look at and get a feel for the rules, ask any questions, etc.  Steve was with us at Border Reiver earlier this month and he will also be attending Battleground at the end of November.  We're also looking at Fiasco but we'll confirm that one closer to the event.

We also got ourselves a nice little roller banner to grab some attention!

And that's everything for this month!  Keep an eye out for more new releases coming very soon and we hope to see you at the shows!

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Nice banner!

Sadly, i think i wont make it to crisis either this year  :'(


Nice banner indeed :)

I hope Phil has finished all the figures shown ;)
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I know a particular member of the forum who will be pleased with the 1513 news.  ;)

Quote from: paulr on 27 September 2015, 05:41:54 AM
I hope Phil has finished all the figures shown ;)

Only the ones I was told to.  :P  ;)

Cheers - Techno-Clone 4.


Hurrah  for 1513/Dragonman/Empire armies
If I were creating Pendraken I wouldn't mess about with Romans and  Mongols  I would have started with Centurions , eight o'clock, Day One!


Yes, Steve.
It was you I was referring to !  ;D ;D ;D
Cheers - Phil


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Quote from: Techno on 27 September 2015, 08:11:53 AM
Only the ones I was told to.  :P  ;)

Cheers - Techno-Clone 4.

Oh ... yes, Great Dark Lord ... I shall communicate your great desire to your humble servant.

People of Pendraken! I have communed with the Great One (May his dread sporran never get bald) and he has passed to me a message for the one he refers to as "shortbow". He, whose biceps are never curled, says unto his pitiful Cymric servant, that the list he gave you is as yet incomplete. He commands you to create, from dollies and green putty, some figures who are super-powered. Not, says the Obsidian Overlord (may his rash always respond to the cream), from the stable of the heretic Stan-Lee, but from the noble line of DC.  And the fruits of your handywork are to be given to his most trusted and devoted servant, the one they call Oik.

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Keep trying, Nobby !  ;D ;D ;D ;D (You OIK !)
Cheers - Phil


1513?   Flodden?   

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My first thought too Mollinary, though it might equally be the Italian Wars, La Motta is also 1513 iirc.

There is also the possibility that it refers to Ponce de Leon arriving in Florida and being the first European recorded as seeing America proper. Yes, yes, I know ... Vikings and Skraelings ... whatever ... currently no extant historical recording of that!

Be still thy beating heart FK :)
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27 September 2015, 08:02:04 PM #12 Last Edit: 27 September 2015, 08:17:14 PM by mollinary
I think it prompted the writing of a popular ditty, along the lines of:

O Flower Of Scotland, when will they see their like again,
That fought and died there,
On Flodden's  hill and then,
Stood against them,
Proud Henry's army,
That sent them homeward,
To think again.

That hill is bare now
And autumn leaves lie thick and still
O'er a land that is lost now,
Which covers those that died
To stand against them
Dear Katherine's army
Which sent them homeward
To think again

Those days are passed now,
And in the past they must remain
But we still stand now
And hail our nation's fame
That stood against him
Proud Jamie's army
And sent it homeward,
To think again

At least, I think that is how it goes?

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You're not English by any chance, Moll?   :-\
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Quote from: Westmarcher on 27 September 2015, 08:39:59 PM
You're not English by any chance, Moll?   :-\

When last I looked, yes, I think so!   This old English folk song may have been hijacked of late - I blame Mel Gibson. Mind you, I tend to blame Mel Gibson for everything!  :D :D  :D

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