Trial by Fire (WW1 Rules)

Started by Batu Khan, 10 September 2015, 03:43:04 PM

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Batu Khan

10 September 2015, 03:43:04 PM Last Edit: 08 February 2016, 10:14:13 PM by Leon
Hello everyone,

A few months ago, I had started to work on a WW1 rules set with help of some friends. Trial by Fire rules will be adaptable to both Great War and early 20th century battles; but they will focus more closely on Middle Eastern Front and wars of Ottoman Empire. What I plan to do is to share the rules free for everyone and in future, if I may do that, publish a rulebook. The book will cover the rules in detail, history information, suggested army lists and scenarios. I'm thinking of including four main fronts in rulebook for start; 1. Gallipoli, 2. Middle East, 3. Caucasus Campaign and 4. Greek-Turkish War of 1919-22.

In Trial by Fire, players control regiments, which are composed of several battalions. The basic tactical unit is the company. Game also features a "Regimental Orders" optional rule, where players will be able to give written secret orders to their units. Distances are compatible for both 10mm and 15mm gameplay, whichever players prefer. Of course anyone is free to adapt them to bigger scales like 28mm. (converting cm to inches would be good for this)

Anyway, rules are still being written. Here is the google docs format;

And here is the international facebook project group;

I'm all open to every suggestion and input from you guys. Please comment / critique and if you're interested, follow the project. There are still many parts uncovered by rules and these are just the foundations of rules. If things get going, I plan to do more things about this rule set, include many more fronts and battles, provide a lot of army lists from ANZAC infantry fighting in Gallipoli to Tribal Light Cavalry forces used by Ottomans in Middle East.

Anyway, enough talking, hope you like them...

M. Batuhan Tuncdemir (an historical wargamer from Turkey)

EDIT: FEB 2016 - Here's the latest version of rules with some sample army lists and scenarios


Blog is at

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Sounds interesting, will keep an eye on these as they develop

Please keep us posted
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Quote from: Subedai on 10 September 2015, 08:04:28 PM
Put in a Google request.


Great to see more stuff covering the middle eastern conflicts of WWI. Look forward to checking your rules out.

- Neil.



Being a Rules Junkie, I've put in a Google request too.



Batu Khan

Thank you all for the interest!

The link I shared above was the one for editing. I shared it with all who asked.

Here is the link which is just for viewing, those who want to comment on document etc can still ask me for edit sharing. Those who just want to view the file, can see the below link.


These look very interesting. Thanks for sharing
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Great start Mehmet. There is a facebook group and I uploaded two draft army lists for Turkish Nationalists and Greeks for the War of Turkish Independence (Asia Minor Campaign) . Mostly based on a greek military history magazine, and the new Osprey book on the Greek-Turkish War of 1919-1922.

Batu Khan

Much thanks Konstantinos! I will revise them sometime and share them as "beta army lists" if you're also fine with that.



I'm liking what I've read so far, which is admittedly not much. Intend to spend tomorrow reading the document from front to back.

I'm guessing any comments are best posted to the Facebook group, yes?

- Neil.

Batu Khan

Facebook group is good. But actually anywhere you feel comfortable is ok for me, including here :)


I'm quite interested in this but not on Facebook. :(

KTravlos - is there anywhere else to see your army lists? I'm currently looking at putting together Greek and Turkish armies (for a start) for the Balkans conflicts.

Batu Khan

They are in fb group  :D :D :D

But I'm revising them and think of putting them to the blog in a few days. Will let you guys know when it's done.


If Batu Khan wants to put them in a google drive file and share them, that is cool with me. Otherwise I can do it.