Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum, Woodstock: Waterloo wargame, 24 Oct 2015

Started by Chris Pringle, 04 September 2015, 03:36:49 PM

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Chris Pringle

Not a show exactly, but a display/participation game in a military museum.

Saturday 24 October 2015
Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum (SOFO), Woodstock, Oxon UK

Oxford Wargames Society will be running a display/participation game of the battle of Waterloo. We have cunningly avoided the actual anniversary by a few months so as to avoid clashing with everyone else's anniversary games. Official listing is on the SOFO website:

If any forum members are in range and have the time and inclination to drop by, it would be great to meet you.

Bloody Big BATTLES!

Chris Pringle

One month to go until the Waterloo event at SOFO.

First playtest of the Waterloo game was very satisfactory.

I also made a fun map which shows how the Waterloo campaign fits nicely onto the county of Oxfordshire. Imagine Napoleon invading from Swindon and Reading towards Brussels aka Banbury. Oxford is the Quatre Bras crossroads where Ney is stalled. Napoleon hits the Prussians at Wheatley (Ligny), trying to drive them back along their supply line to High Wycombe (Namur), but instead they fall back northwards upon Bicester (Wavre). The Anglo-Dutch forces scattered around Cheltenham and Stow-on-the-Wold join those retreating from Quatre Bras and unite at Woodstock (Waterloo).

I put a draft of the map on Flickr.


Chris Pringle

Last Hussar

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Beautiful looking game that sounds like it was a blast to play!

Thanks for the AAR.
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Chris Pringle

Thanks, chaps, glad you liked it. It was a blast for sure. We were some happy wargamers.