WW2 Italian Battlegroup: Sicily / Mainland '43

Started by nikharwood, 24 August 2010, 12:02:46 AM

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I had a grand plan of painting my nice Italian battlegroup [for BKCII] tomorrow and posting WIP pics as I went along - in (near-as-dammit) real time...but my camera is being a complete plonker at the moment so I might not be able to do this in the way that I wanted: which was to show how easy (& quick) it can be to get decent painted armies ready for battle....

I'm going to fight the machine again in the morning - will update as soon as I can - but might have to revert to rubbishio pics from my Blackberry...

FWIW this is the force composition:

3 x HQ
1 x FAO

2 x Recce (AB41 A/C)

8 x Infantry
2 x MG
1 x Mortar 81mm

3 x M13/40 tank
12 x M15/42 tank

3 x 47mm ATG

3 x SPAT Semovente 75/18

3 x 75mm Artillery

At the moment they are all based & undercoated: total elapsed time = 2 hours


Stoopid fecking camera...it's doing a more-than-passable impression of an expensive metal & plastic paperweight at the moment...but I'm too impatient to wait to get it sorted before painting my little Chianti-drinkers...so I've made a start: all vehicles & armour & guns are now done: basecoat, highlights, camo, wash & rehighlight - and I can't show you pics...gah  :( ~X(

Anyway - I'll now move onto doing the bases before painting the infantry (potentially tonight) - will then beg / borrow / steal a camera tomorrow with a bit of luck.

Total elapsed time = 4 hours 15 mins


Just borrowed a phone - so not the greatest pics (& its owner wanted it back so no time to get good shots!) - but at least an idea:


Still no pics...but update on progress:

All bases completed & base colours onto figures: total elapsed time = 5 hrs 25mins

Am going to try to get the camera sorted tomorrow & will get some pics up ASAP.


Sometimes I wonder - why is that frisbee geting bigger - and then it hits me!


Thanks  :)

Some more phone-pics (grr..mutter...camera...grumble..etc) - armour with bases & muddiness done...

Infantry etc has now had highlights on uniforms & equipment - just flesh to do...total elapsed time = 6 hrs


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Phew - finally got the camera sorted...so pics are now ready  :-bd

Completed the infantry, gave them a quick wash & rehighlight, did final basing in about another 2hours - making, from bare metal to completed, a total elapsed time = 8 hrs

This is the whole battlegroup - full, more detailed pics are here: http://www.pendrakenforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=1277.msg10558#new


8 hrs !!!! You b**#*#*  ;)

Seriously, they look good. I can't understand how you paint them so fast.

I've done quite a bit of painting the last couple of days and have completed about a dozen figures and part done another 30.

Last week it took me several days to just put the decals on a regiment of tanks.
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