Warband Rules and figures - Now available!

Started by Leon, 18 February 2015, 11:43:32 PM

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Already taken care of, Will. ;)
3 of that pose have been strengthened at that point....Two have now got axes.....And one has the sword down.

Forgot to plonk down....The last code of the Barbarians is on the desk now, and all being well, the whole army will be off to Pendraken Towers, either at the end of this week, or very early next
Cheers - Phil


Quote from: Dunnadd on 13 March 2015, 01:48:35 AM

When i was a lad we had Tolkien, Runequest, Warhammer and Michael Moorcock. Now it's all vampires shagging and Harry frigging Potter. Young people today, etc.

How interesting.... Tell me more about your experience with wargames and runequest/glorantha/white bear and red moon 8)

I played a couple of games with 10mm figures in dragon pass setting and always wanted to make a couple or armies !


Didn't do any Runequest wargames to be honest. Played a few roleplaying games of it but they were in semi-historical fantasy settings like vikings plus viking myth etc. Do still have some Ral Partha Runequest as beastmen in my 25/28/30/32mm figures.


Agreed,  I loved Runequest.

Many many many happy hours  :)
Buy plenty of Matron's sculpts now!

If he keeps using the chainsaw, the value of his work will soon go up.


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