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Warband / Re: Points values
Last post by Saigancat - 21 January 2022, 05:39:36 PM
I tried finding contact information for Stephen Hardy but couldn't locate it. Maybe he'd be willing to share his formula?
Fun Stuff / Re: Not just us ...
Last post by Orcs - 21 January 2022, 05:04:03 PM
Quote from: Lord Kermit of Birkenhead on 21 January 2022, 01:05:36 PMOK very silly game, nice video. Only useful tghing was the revewrse side of the pitch.

I think that's a bit harsh. If you like football Its no more daft than wargaming.
20th Century / Re: What happened to the Spani...
Last post by nigel drury - 21 January 2022, 04:51:46 PM
Bob Cordery's 'La Ultima Cruzada' has a good description of the pre-war Spanish forces and the subsequent evolution of the forces of the two sides.
Non-Pendraken Stuff / Re: Different armour - Titans ...
Last post by Lord Speedy of Leighton - 21 January 2022, 03:59:34 PM
*FSX* (lift arrives)
"They might do some more... folk dancing!"

(Janet screams & faints, again)
"How do you do, I see you've met my, faithful, handy-man!"

Frank-n-Furter is done. Warlord Titan

But he's not got leg armour or a carapace.

What do you expect from Frank, he's in a delightful purple corset instead.

I did notice the suspension was in the same place as suspenders, such a shame...

I had a lot of fun in the 90s playing this character (well, actually, all the roles, food posioning in the cast of the local theatre, Colombia was the hardest)!
With today's sad news about Meatloaf, Eddy and Rocky will be next, once I buy them.
Chat & News / Re: Deaths in 2022
Last post by Gwydion - 21 January 2022, 03:43:49 PM
Sad. :(
Saw him live a couple of times - last one in Belfast in the 90s, crazy night!
Chat & News / Re: Country File
Last post by Orcs - 21 January 2022, 03:05:41 PM
What is most annoying is that the songbirds used to use our garden a lot to feed, until the Squirrel destroyed all the feeders. Hence the purchase of the new one that they do not use.
Chat & News / Re: Country File
Last post by Orcs - 21 January 2022, 03:04:10 PM
Quote from: Gwydion on 21 January 2022, 01:02:26 PMI suggest you check the General Licences GL40 and GL42
Things may not be as bad as you think 8)
Magpies on both lists.

Yes looks like they have changed the license. I have a thrush in my garden, and this is a specie of concern, I can get the flying rat and Jackdaw on grounds of crop damage.

Thanks for that
Proxy Figures/Models / Re: Spanish Civil War
Last post by nigel drury - 21 January 2022, 03:00:50 PM
I note the T-26 in the SCW list (SCV4) appears to be a T26 model 1939, (SVV1 from the WW2 list).

For the SCW, the 1933 model would be more correct, i.e. SVV38 from the WW2 list.  For the 1938 models that were sent to Spain an AA MG could be added.
General Pendraken / Re: Pendraken Plans for 2022!
Last post by Westmarcher - 21 January 2022, 01:43:56 PM
QuoteSo, nothing at all then.  I thought I might have missed something but evidently not.  Oh, and thank you so much for the invitation to comment..

You're welcome (as if you need my permission .....  ;D  ).  As you strike me as being an intelligent person, I could not believe you couldn't work out from the previous posts what was going on. Your question therefore came across as terse and disapproving.  Truce? :) 
BKC-IV Rule Queries / Re: Tanks and close assault
Last post by Big Insect - 21 January 2022, 01:39:12 PM
MBTs can, of course, support their own Infantry in an assault in difficult terrain - just as Infantry can support their MBTs in assault in the open.

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