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Fun Stuff / Re: Not just us ...
Last post by Lord Kermit of Birkenhead - Yesterday at 07:44:01 AM
Like KISSBALL  >:(  >:(  >:(
Non-Pendraken Stuff / Re: Paul's dragon
Last post by sunjester - Yesterday at 07:43:50 AM
Looking good, Will! =D>  =D>
New Figure Previews / Re: What Are We Working On?
Last post by Bunny - Yesterday at 05:16:42 AM
Quote from: Leon on 12 January 2022, 06:58:43 AMThe Crimean revamp has been bumped temporarily until we can get this Peninsular project finished off, so we'll come back to that later in the year.  A GNW revamp isn't currently planned unfortunately, it would make sense for that to be a Clib range and carry through from the LoA figures, but I'd need to chat with him about that.

Any other Napoleonic-era ranges would have to go into the queue along with revamped Russians, War of 1812, Revolutionary ranges, Wellington's time in India, etc, etc.

Thanks Leon, I am in no rush as I have a mountain of projects, like all us wargamers lol

Its nice to know that it is in the 'mind'

Keep up the great work
Painting Diaries / Re: Matt J Painting diary 2021
Last post by Bunny - Yesterday at 05:12:43 AM
Quote from: Matt J on 17 January 2022, 11:28:27 AMThey are based for 'Charlie don't surf', although I confess I've never played the rules, but reading through I like the granularity. I was also thinking of saboting the bases for CWC.

(I'm assuming you're talking about the Vietnam stuff and not the Space Marines  :) )

Yes indeed mate, again great work
New Releases! / Re: WSS Casualty now available
Last post by paulr - Yesterday at 04:47:14 AM
:-bd  =D>  :-bd

Sir gave a pretty big clue for this one yesterday ;)
General Pendraken / Re: Pendraken Plans for 2022!
Last post by John Cook - Yesterday at 12:41:32 AM
Quote from: Raider4 on 21 January 2022, 07:09:18 PM<bites tongue>

Polite response - some people were having fun. If it's not your thing, ignore it and move on..

Polite response - calling women 'chicks', particularly one who has been dead for some time is inappropriate in 2022.  If you don't get it just accept it is offensive to some people..
Chat & News / Re: A brief history of the roy...
Last post by Ben Waterhouse - 21 January 2022, 10:57:19 PM
Quote from: John Cook on 21 January 2022, 06:48:36 PMI know that we don't all share the same views on these matters but do we need to air them here?  I would say not.

Non-Pendraken Stuff / Re: My random stuff from my pa...
Last post by Lord Speedy of Leighton - 21 January 2022, 10:21:37 PM
Twin crossbows, wonder about the accuracy.
Not lead, but it's done.

A 28mm assasin?

Or squidwrangler?
Chat & News / Re: Deaths in 2022
Last post by d_Guy - 21 January 2022, 09:36:50 PM
Dashboard Lights, only the greatest single rock opera piece ever written and preformed.
The mold has been broken. catch ya on the flip side brother.
General Pendraken / Re: Pendraken Plans for 2022!
Last post by Leon - 21 January 2022, 09:36:47 PM
Quote from: fsn on 21 January 2022, 08:26:52 PM@Leon: Any news on the Japanese castles?

Not a lot unfortunately, our resin supply has been slow for quite a while now.  I've had a chat with John recently and he's just about got his new premises up and running so I'm hoping for a quicker turnaround on both stock and new products going forward.
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