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Title: 18th century Ottomans
Post by: ianjgow on 19 October 2015, 10:05:25 PM
I'm thinking about a mid 18th century campaign for Maurice in 10mm but I can't seem to find any 18th century Ottomans in that scale. Do I have to use the 16th century figures or is there a better source here or elswhere for this army?


Title: Re: 18th century Ottomans
Post by: fred. on 19 October 2015, 10:32:38 PM
To my limited knowledge, I don't think there were huge differences in the style of clothing. But I may well be wrong.
Title: Re: 18th century Ottomans
Post by: Hwiccee on 20 October 2015, 11:22:54 AM

Basically you will be OK with the 16th century troops but some are no longer used and many at this time have 'modern' weapons - i.e. they have ditched the lances/bows/armour/shield and now have pistols, swords and carbines instead.

I have an early 18th century army (more on this below) and the mid century army would be similar to this - see notes below. More of the 'old fashioned' weapons/equipment would be gone by this time and the army would have more of the Levend/Arnaut type infantry.

In any case here is what I worked on for early 18th century -

I am going for the following -

Sipahi: I will use the OT3 and OT4 packs for these. Basically at this time good troops have no/less armour and no/less 'old fashioned' weapons (lances, bows). So the elite household units (often called Sipahi of the Porte or Kapakula) I will paint over most of the armour and chop off most of the lances and as many of the shields as possible. For the better units (Europeans) I will similar but say about half. For the worst units (the Asian/Africans) I will leave them as they are or only 'convert' a few. I base my cavalry in groups of 5 on a base so I will have say 1 or 2 lances on an Elite base, 3 or 4 on an average base and all 5 on a poor base.

Tartars: The OT7 tartars obviously.

Moldovian/Wallachians: A mixture of OT6, YW4TYW  Mounted Croats, P13 Polish Dragoons and STA14 Austrian SYW hussars - I will 'convert many of these - i.e. chop off plumes, lances , etc.

Segbans: YW4 from the Thirty Years War range.

Janissaries: OT9 and OT14

Levands/Arnauts: mainly OT13 with some SYA25 Austrian grenzers

Artillery: OT15, 17 and 18

Here are some photos, etc -,11902.0.html (,11902.0.html)