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Started by petercooman, 12 September 2013, 12:30:49 PM

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Hey all, just finished a solo game.

Mission is as follows:

British main line has encountered stiff german resistance, and have problems knocking out the german defenses. Hq assembles a small force to escort a churchill crocodile, break through a weakspot in the german flank and torch the dug in german resistance. Refuelling is not an option so the croc is under strict orders to save the flamer untill they get to the main lines.

British must exit the croc on the oppossing edge of the table in 12 turns or break the germans
Germans must break the british or destroy the croc.

German troops know their position is vital, so double their breakpoint.

The forces:

germans breakpoint 6 (3x2)
1    CO (CV9)
1    HQ (CV8)    
3    Infantry Unit (Heer)    
1    Infantry Upgrade (Panzerschreck)
2    Support Unit (MG, MG-34/42)
2    Support Unit (ATG, 75mm, Pak-40)    
1    Support Unit (IG, 75mm, le.IG-18)
1    Air Defence Unit (20mm, Flak Vierling)    
1    Transport Unit (Horses, Draught)
3    Transport Unit (Trucks)

british breakpoint 8
1    CO (CV9)
1    HQ (CV8)       
1    Recce Unit (Daimler)    
6    Infantry Unit (Veterans)    
2    Infantry Upgrade (PIAT)
3    Support Unit (MG, Bren, Carrier)
2    Tank Unit (Honey)
1    Infantry Tank Unit (Churchill, 75mm)
1    Ground Attack Unit (Typhoon, rockets)  1 asset on turn 2 on random building
3    Transport Unit (M3 Half-Track)


turn 1
off course the first command roll MUST always fail  ;D

the co gets the troops moving, daimler gets hit by OP fire but escapes

the germans wait quietly

turn 2

The ground attack from the typhoon hits a random building, and manages to target the building with just an mg in it, however AA fire quickly changes the plan

the typhoon crashes and burns

the croc gets moving, bodyguards take OP fire

left flank jumps on it

when they are up the germans try to withdraw their flank

and attacks the main force

turn 3

the british molest the german flank and take some potshots

while the other flank gets lots of OP

but manage to advance

The germans try to redeploy the pak but a stuart nocks it out

turn 4

the main force in trouble:

while the co and his troops wipe away the flank:

then the germans fail

turn 5

its starting to look bleak by continous OP

flank still advances

germans retaliate in their turn

turn 6
british co fails his second order at a critical time

the german commanders fail miserably

turn 7

starts with a blunder!

and as soon as the first halftrack moves, a panzerschrek takes it out with its infantry inside, and the british meet their breakpoint.

Victory for the germans!!

Duke Speedy of Leighton

Why do I suspect I just read that in near enough real time? Looks frantic!  8) cool report
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Well since i just arrived at work, it had to happen in fast real time too  ;D

Matt J

I bet that means its all still left out, so you'll be in trouble when the missus gets in.

Nice report, I like lots of explosions  :D

Have you thought about turning one of the Revell kits into a crashed aircraft marker? Its crossed my mind, would be cheap and easy to do.
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Nice report and some good shots of the action.

I liked the back story. Makes a change from "You have to get <x> units off the table here" "Why?" "Because the scenario says so!" 
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Steve J

Nice scenario and background fluff, plus I like the idea of the crashed Typhoon on the table 8).


Thx all!

I randomise the crash from the intended point of attack by rolling a scatter die and 3 d6.

Wichever is under it sustains equal the amount of hits as the hitpoints on the plane  :d

I'll think about the crashed typhoon ...  :-\


@ Ithioriel: you know everything is better with some narrative babble  :P