'First Look' at the new League of Augsburg range!

Started by clibinarium, 23 March 2011, 01:01:24 AM

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Quote from: Leon on 09 December 2012, 12:47:21 AM

Kickstarter is a non-starter in this scale and with a niche range, we've discussed this before.  If you wanted a basic range of 20 codes, say 3 poses per pack, plus moulding, we're looking at over £2000 of costs.  Then you've got to factor in all the discounted figures you then have to supply to the people who have pledged into the range.  By the time you've included all that metal, and the time to cast them all up, you're way up past £4000 needed just to cover everything.

That's a lot of money, and I seriously doubt we'd get pledges anywhere near that.

And as a final point, which I mentioned on TMP a long time ago, you want the range to be done by Clibinarium?  So a Kickstarter is again no use, as he wouldn't have the spare sculpting time to get the figures done in a realistic timeframe for the backers.

Sadly.....I think you've made very fair points there Leon.
Working at varying scales for folk, I often tend to forget that things don't/won't work in the same way for different manufacturers in the industry.  :(
Cheers - Phil.


QuoteFirstly, I think that pic shows the figure in a rather worse light than in reality.

first picture I've seen of this range and I'm a huge enthusiast concerning this period...  Seems to be a general problem of figures for the French Revoutionary Wars.. I have never seen a single picture of those 15mm Battle Honors 1799 Russian musketeers, grenadiers or cavalry,  same goes for their Brits and the majority of the Austrian range...sadly, this doesn't really speak for the popularity of the period. Or no one wants to buy a pig in a poke.. or both? I don't know, but in any case it's a pity.
(Actually, concerning this problem, the AWI and LOA ranges are a very positive examples..pictures of the actual figures and painted  :-bd )

Well and the LOA cav..good things come to those who wait.. I guess most (99%?) of all wargamers sit on a gigantic mountain of unpainted lead which may be tackled before those riders are finally released.
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Just caught up with the interesting dialogue over the French Rev Wars figure farago - fascinating period - bags of gaming potential - perfect for div sized battles for all those clashes in the Italian Wars & the bigger battles in Low Countries and Germany - but still a minority interest - Even the extensive and well established 15mm BattleHonours French Rev range did not sell well - when I used to buy them the dust on the packs said everything - that I was probably the only person buying then.

It sounds as though there was a serious communication problem regarding the range, what was acceptable, but the sponsor can only have an input and that final decision has to be Pendrakens. I would think that this forum would probably now resolve these issues before it had gone too far.

I do not think the Kickstarter option is a goer as the hobby and our purchases are just too small - Even all this stuff about LofA cav has to be dependent upon modeller's time and Pendraken's project budget. Keith Warren and I are a pretty heavy purchasers of Pendraken figs between us over £1,000 a year - but even my purchase of the cav would only be £200 - £250 to match the amount I have laready spent on infantry yet this would only be equivalent for a few masteras.

BTW the 10mm French were not bad and painted up well, but the molehills they were standing on were dire - I bought a few packs to make up some AWI units but spent many an hour paring down the bases and losing not a few figures breaking in the process.


I took time to read comment of this topic since 2011!
I wait with a lot of impatience for the next references of the LOA range. I began to paint the foot soldiers who are magnificent. Excellent work of Clib as usual.
Leon, have you a term for the new references (cavalry, artillery and personalities)?
Cheers, BH62.
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Quote from: BH62 on 19 March 2013, 05:47:21 PM
Leon, have you a term for the new references (cavalry, artillery and personalities)?
Cheers, BH62.

Artillery should be ready in a couple of weeks, with the first batch of cavalry to follow on shortly after that.

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Quote from: Leon on 20 March 2013, 05:00:29 AM
Artillery should be ready in a couple of weeks, with the first batch of cavalry to follow on shortly after that.


Cue Mr. Handel - Hallelujah! :D
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Some WIP of the first cavalry figures, which are usable for the majority of cavalry. More will follow, but these are the most useful.

Cavalry command

Cavalry attacking with pistols

Cavalry attacking with swords



I do not know what to say, these set a new standard for 10mm figures.  They are well worth waiting for, many, many, congratulations.

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They look the business clib, lovely work, might be a while before i get around to them,

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Great looking figures, will have to clear my painting que for these.  Fantastic looking horses, even though the standard horses from Pendraken are good, these are much much better. I hope Pendraken can use these for some of their other ranges. Again Clib does the best 10mm figures on the market!

Aart Brouwer

Breathtaking, Clib. Simply breathtaking.  :o >:<

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Woo hoo!  These look fantastic, really dynamic. Get them cast up now, Leon!

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