Hi to all

Started by Salo71, 13 June 2022, 11:43:29 AM

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Hi to all.
Started with WH40K literally 30 years ago...
Passed to historical in the last ten years, hope to contribute to the forum.
Thanks in advance to all


Welcome to the forum, Salo!

Let me give my standard intro - the forum is warm, welcoming, well read, well intentioned, willing to help and .... frequently weird and wacky! :)

Thread derailment is a frequent occurrence but often as informative and/ or amusing as the original topic.

"Historical" is a broad field. Any particular period(s)?

All contributions welcome .... also ... pictures we likes pictures we does. :)

See, weird and wacky. :D
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Welcome aboard, sir.
I have not the pleasure of understanding you. Of what are you talking?

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Welcome Mr 71.

As with Friend Ithoriel I am curious as to your historical preferences.

Please do contribute. Pictures always appreciated.  :D

You will find this place a source of reliable and generous support.
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A hearty welcome sir....


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pierre the shy

yes, welcome to 10mm Salo71  :)
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Hi Salo, welcome to the Forum!

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Welcome to the forum, Salo.
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Hello Salo71

Welcome to the forum, disregard any strays from the path.

No offence intended but your name makes Ukrainians and Eastern Europeans hungry, Salo is cured Pork Fat and a delicacy to keep the winter cold out - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salo_(food)

They have restaurants that specialise in serving only Salo  :D

I think that was enough of a stray, back to seriousness.




Welcome! Also keen to know what historical periods and projects you indulge in.