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Started by michaelk, 12 April 2022, 01:29:22 PM

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Hi all,

Running a solo breakout scenario where the Italians are walking (no trucks painted) across the board and the Germans are launching an assault to help.

Italian Infantry breaking out.jpg

DAK moving forward in relief.jpg


sorry about the double post of the pictures. Still trying to figure the forum thing out.


Some additional photos. Lots of command blunders on both sides, including a destroyed German infantry platoon and the DAK PZ BN being ordered to leave their hilltop and charge the enemy, which had everyone confused.

ME 109s.jpg

British stopping both breakout and relief.jpg

Big Insect

Command Blunders = Confusion of Battle  :D

Looks like you are having fun
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Thanks for sharing, desert battles are always interesting - but making the Italians walk is really adding to their woes!

With photos its often better to link to them, rather than directly uploading to the forum, as then they will be a good size. Several of us use Imgur for hosting, but there are other options.  
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Agree, thank you for sharing.


Like it!

Where did you get the buildings from?
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