A Visit to the Vet

Started by Chad, 25 November 2021, 11:52:25 AM

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A lady visits her vet with her pet rabbit."My rabbit is not very well. Can you examine her." She says.

"no problem" the vet says and examines the rabbit. " I'm sorry but I am afraid she's dead." "no, no." The lady says " I want a second opinion."

The vet agrees and opens a door. A Labrador comes in, sniffs the rabbit and starts to whine. The vet says " as I said the rabbit is dead." The lady then asks for another opinion. The Vet opens the door again and a cat walks in. The cat sniffs the rabbit and starts to howl. "I am sorry but the rabbit is definitely dead."

The lady accepts this and asks how much she owes the vet. He tells her it will be £150. "what!" She says "Why so much?"

"Well" says the vet "my fee is £20, but you have had a Lab report and a Cat scan."

Techno II

Just don't talk to me about vets. >:(  >:(  >:(

£20 ?.... :o  :o  :o  :o ......dream on.

You'd not even get through the door, for that.
Another £130 in 'medications' for the 'pup' a couple of days ago.

I didn't find that funny, in the slightest.


I worked for more than a decade in a world leading vet school (college or university to our cross pond friends) and I had an inside piece of advice from a senior veterinarian. 'Don't bring your own pet in here or it will leave with more than it brings in.'

Just saying!
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Techno II

Jimbo.  :)

That sounds about right.....three different vets, in the past few weeks.....All slightly different views.

Cheers - Phil  X_X