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Started by Techno II, 21 November 2021, 11:57:45 AM

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Techno II

I had to actually PAY for something hobby wise this past week. :o

I usually steal/request stuff from Sir....

But if he doesn't sell the items.."Wot I want".....I have to go elsewhere. ;)

Shame I couldn't get all the bits from a single supplier..that would have saved a bit on postage.

Supplier A.......Lots of different sizes of brass rod...To help make all these AK47/74s amongst other things....Very very quick service. Only complaint there would be against the actual manufacturer of the brass rod..who obviously can't tell the difference between 5 & 10 pieces in a sealed packet. Albion alloys.....learn to count. ;D  ;D  ;D

No way am I going to complain over this....dealt with this firm before..and they are genuine stars.
(To a great extent..I'm not sure whether 0.4mm rod is 'pushing the boundaries' of what will be actually cast-able, anyway.)

Firm B....Two packs of 'ProCreate'..arrived safely...took just a day longer. (Two packs of this stuff will last me for AGES......Clibby would probably get through this in two weeks..)

Firm C...."Oh, go on, I'll have a go with 'brown stuff' again....haven't used it (properly) for the best part of 30 years."

Found somewhere in the UK that actually had some...rather than ordering it from 'the continent'....
I'll definitely use this firm again. Though I did wonder why an item that's (approx) 15x10x4 CMs needed a box that was 40X30x10 CMs.

Cheers - Phil. :)


Lord Kermit of Birkenhead

Yet againg moaning Phil !!  :'(  :'(
Lord Kermit of Birkenhead
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Heedless Horseman

Brass Rod is a useful commodity for gun barrels, Piles, etc. HINT, HINT! The shop where I used to get it closed... but atmo I have no real need as not 'doing' anything.

Outsize packaging? Once received an SD card in a box 8" square! Ridculous!
However... the larger the packaging, the less likely for it to go missing or be damaged.

Theiving. Small items much more likely to be pocketed. This will always happen... even in distribution / Postal services of good repute. The tendency to employ low pay, casual, seasonal staff... well...

But, there are practical factors, too. Small, thin packets / envelopes can stick together or be dropped, un-noticed and trodden on. They can also lodge in folds of mailbags or transport receptacles. As a PO Counter Clerk, late 80s, I once found a letter in a mailbag drawn from store, which had a pre-decimal stamp.! Think we popped it into an official paid envelope with an apology note! Didn't happen often, but...

Seasonally, do spare a thought for Royal Mail Staff... whether pro's or Xmas Casuals. I did a stint of the latter, 3 yrs ago, on 'Small Packet / Parcel'... and some of the items posted had no chance of survival. Sad.
For those, who don't know, Small Packets in transit, travel in Yorks... wheeled contrivances, (4'x4'x5'), in a collapsible bag. There are a ******* LOT of them, and all STUFFED! For delivery, contents have to be chucked... (YES! If something was obviously not to be bent or had to be upright, one could try to place sensibly... )... into other Yorks or mailbags... and for transport logistics, everything crammed full.
PACK your contents safe from crushing / cramming!!!
Staff, even Xmas casuals, WILL try to do their best.. but NOT an easy job.
'Normal' sized padded envelopes / boxes... fine... and it's Xmas! Happy Staff! Sort a York in 10 mins. Weight, no worries... size...could be annoying.. but usually fine.
BUT... then you might draw a York stuffed with Asian Pharma! Several Hundreds+ of 3" packets. Printed labels too small to read with glasses... (Took a Sherlock Holmes glass!).. and too light to 'fly' straight! Absolute B*****d! Would take an hour to do... and might get more than one!
Size DOES Matter!  ;)

So spare a thought to Xmas sorting Staff! Night shift 10pm... by 12, back muscles knotting from stress, not weight, but another 6hrs to do.
(40 Yrs ago. I should have been an Angry Young Man... but wasn't.
Now... I am an Old B******! )  ;)


Ah the joys of casual Christmas work sorting and delivering the mail!

To be fair, I was in a local sorting office so was just sorting mail for the delivery routes.

We had a whole salmon that someone had wrapped a single layer of brown paper around and tied a parcel label on a piece of string around the tail. By the time it arrived with us it had lost most of the paper and all that remained of the label was the string and the cardboard disc it had passed through, of the label itself, no sign. Took days to get permission to dispose of it by which time the whole place smelled of rotting fish.

On packaging to content ratio, we once had a server chip delivered in a 600mm cube box with three further boxes and a plastic clamshell inside protecting the chip itself. Russian doll packaging :)
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Dave did a brief stint as a postman years ago and the strangest thing he had to deliver was a pineapple.  Not wrapped or packaged in any way, just an address label and stamps stuck to the side of it.

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Just don't arsk us about Mrs Cake

Heedless Horseman

The Late Sir Terry got a lot of things right!  ;)  :(  :)
(40 Yrs ago. I should have been an Angry Young Man... but wasn't.
Now... I am an Old B******! )  ;)


Brass rod is useful for piles?  :'(
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Quote from: Leman on 07 January 2022, 02:18:54 PMBrass rod is useful for piles?  :'(
As a last resort, yes. The business end (so to speak) should be held over a flame for about 15sec before using.
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Quote from: mmcv on 22 November 2021, 05:19:49 PMJust don't arsk us about Mrs Cake

I was just about to, but you must have read my mind.
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QuoteAs a last resort, yes. The business end (so to speak) should be held over a flame for about 15sec before using.


Heedless Horseman

Brass Rod is an excellent commodity, but sometimes a bit Too long.
(40 Yrs ago. I should have been an Angry Young Man... but wasn't.
Now... I am an Old B******! )  ;)