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I'm here to check out the fantasy line at first.  I've introduced my daughter to a miniatures wargame and she's having fun, but wishes there were more animals.  I like the smaller 10 mm scale for more abilility for maneuver to impact game play (such as cavalry flank charges) that is hard to accomplish at 28mm scale.  I also like cost, storage requirements (my wife's favorite bit of 10 mm) and access to N gauge scenery / terrain elements.

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Welcome on board :) . My wife too likes the smaller storage issues that 10mm affords ;) !

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Thee are a number of animal type ranges in the Warband section. Lizards, Apes and Taurians (Cows ?) having never played 40K I cannot comment on the transferability of them to 40K

For normal and unarmed (depends if you consider Teeth, claws and beaks weapons) animals there are a number of excellent animals in various scales in the Animal section. 
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Hello, good morning and welcome...

Regarding your fantasy game:

There's an established trend of taking rules designed for 28mm size figures, and playing with smaller measurements.
Convert inches to centimetres and your 10mm figures and game movement are pretty much on-ratio.
Beware that if your game is very measurement fussy, centimentres can be a bit of a fiddle.

If the game works in terms of bases as opposed to figures, then you can also retain the original scale and put more models on each original sized base.

The final issue might be finding the right sort of models.

If your game is based on model ranges that are trademarked in 150 territories, and your army breaks down unless a figure of Grand Inquisitor Zarquuad is present, then you'll need to exercise some imagination and search for appropriate proxies.
Proxies are figures that aren't quite the originals, but look close enough.
(As an example, I'm using Indian Mutineers for Indian City dwellers from the 16th century - Swords and Matchlocks didn't change that much in 450 years.
I'm also using the League of Augsburg figures with splendid floppy hats as Dutch Gentlemen and Settlers in the same setting (A time slip of just 100 years, but I like my Dutch having a Rembrandt look).

If your game takes a more "Free and easy, pick your own armies" approach, then congratulations - the world is your oyster.
You'll be able to select from any appropriate parts of the catalogue: Fantasy, Ancients, Medieval, Animals.
You can also dip into animals a scale or two above 10mm, because what would fantasy nature be without gigantism.

I hope this helps, and I hope you have a lot of fun with your games.


Welcome to the forum and to 10mm gaming. Yes, being able to use n guage scenery is great as we can create some fabulous looking tables without too much cost.

Regarding 10mm fantasy, also check out 3-d printing firms, many of which do fantasy figures on strips in 10mm and assorted beasts eg
Some do assorted 28mm beasts, eg https://www.gardenshedprinting.co.uk/fantasy-gaming
which if you ask they may be able to scale down to 10mm

and there are several such sellers on Etsy.