The Bigger Move - Phase 2 begins!

Started by Leon, 08 October 2021, 12:31:05 AM

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Looks most excellent! Hope it all goes well for you, and in 30 years time there will be a chain of Pendraken shops across the land . . .

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That's my wallet whimpering.

My wallet can whimper all it likes. I am far too far away from Middlesbrough for it to make any difference.
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Thanks guys, it's been a hell of a slog but really nice to be there now! - Now home to almost 6000 products, including over 4200 products in 10mm, plus MDF bases, Vallejo paints, I-94 decals, Red Vectors MDF buildings, Raiden Miniatures, Militia Miniatures and much, much more!


Looks amazing. That's a lot of work you've all put in.
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Steve J

That all looks very nice and thank God I'm too far away to visit, otherwise it could become a regular and expensive occurrence ;)  :D .

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Wat Steve J said! It all looks fantastic, well done all. :)

Sean Clark

I am definitely coming up to you one day. If I can get to the Battleground show, I'll come up a day early and visit.
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I'll do this later